What's new at CEI for 2018?

We're Re-Certified!

ISO Certification Update

In December 2017, CEI had it's re-certification and upgrade audit. CEI was measured against the 2015 standard for ISO 9001.  On December 25th, we received word that Perry Johnson Registrars has certified us.  For those who don't know, the 2015 revision of the standard has removed the Management Representative. Instead, the entire leadership team is responsible for the quality system.  This emphasis on leadership provided an opportunity for many of our team members to own the processes and procedures which affect their area of expertise.  We're proud of our team and look forward to continuing the improvement of our quality system under their leadership.


Second Lathe

With the increased workload in our turning department, we've decided to add a second lathe.  Along with the lathe, we've added a lot of tooling which will allow us much more versatility when machining our turned parts.  


Automatic Band Saw

CEI is always looking for opportunities for improvement. When an opportunity arose to purchase an automatic band saw, the decision was easy.  By cutting bar stock in-house, we could reduce the time it took acquire raw materials and remove the cost associated with extra processing from our suppliers.  It is a win win situation that benefits our customers.


Inspection Manager

We've recently added a software that we're really happy with.  It's called Inspection Manager by High QA. It's primary function is the automatic bubbling of prints.  While the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is great out of the box, that's not all it can do.  Once a print is scanned, exporting a First Article or In-Process Report is a couple of clicks away.  Inspection Manager also provides the flexibility to group bubbles into views/operations. From there, it can export reports or bubbled prints containing only intended bubbles. No more measuring the wrong bubble on Op 2. :-)

Inspection Manager also has a color coded revision change process which quickly and easily shows the changes. New is Blue, old is red, common is black. Our eyes go straight to the discrepancies, minimizing confusion and time spent analyzing.  Finally, it will import results from our CMM. Once CMM results are mapped to bubbles for that part, adding more samples is just a couple of clicks.  We're excited to let the software do the heavy lifting and spend more time doing what we love -- machining.


How much faster is your project at home when you have everything you need (and nothing you don't) right at your fingertips?  In support of our lean manufacturing ways, we've recently given our shop a facelift when it comes to standardizing AND sustaining organization at the machine for optimum productivity, efficiency, and quality output. We're pleased to say that our efforts were worth the (minimal) investment and the shop is now operating, and looking, at its best.  Hmmm...what other areas could use 5S?


Makino decided to use Campbell Engineering in a recent case study about how top-tier machine shops are responding to rapid growth and production demands in an increasingly competitive industry.   

The article has been featured in Competitive Production Magazine. Read all about it here:



We like HAAS machinery because it's what we started with and it's tried and true.  Plus, with all of the throughput from our 5-axis work centers, we needed more machines to help perform all of the finishing operations.  As soon as they were installed, we saw immediate productivity gains - but we didn't stop there. With all of the extended travel of the new VF4 we wondered how much more productive it would be if it were outfitted with another tombstone rotary. So what did we do? The tombstone rotary was installed shortly after and it still left us enough space to keep a vice for material prep, finishing ops, and short-run jobs.  Another win for the CEI team.






Compact, state-of-the-art, high energy vibratory system features an extended screen deck plus a low profile, curved wall construction.  A heavy-duty motor and integral inverter/controller deliver flexible operation with excellent overall machine performance, reliability and efficiency all within a compact, space-saving footprint - RCM Deburring

This new tumbler is almost double the capacity of our current tumbler which allows us to tumble bigger parts and higher quantities with less part to part contact.  The result is faster throughput in our Deburring department as well as a better finished product.   




Campbell Engineering has invested in a multi-stage ultrasonic cleaning system that washes, rinses, and dries parts in a single unit.  This industrial size unit uses cavitation bubbles to gently clean dirt and grime in the tiniest crevices, including complicated parts like carburetors, liquid tubes and delicate medical components, using only a water-based solution.  We are now able to clean more parts quickly and more effectively without hand scrubbing or exposing our employees (or customer parts) to toxic chemicals.  A great addition to our production process!   


Campbell Engineering has been working very hard over the past year to qualify and become ISO 9001:2008 certified. CEI’s goal was to attain ISO certification by end of 2015 and actually surpassed their goal by passing the Stage II audit in early December '14.

We value this certification as it is a representation of quality assurance to our customers. The ISO model ensures that our company is well equipped to manufacture for the industry with the highest standard.