Through years of experience, we at Campbell Engineering understand how critical it is to stay ahead of the curve in the manufacturing industry.  Our expert staff, state-of-the-art equipment and cutting edge software make us capable of providing our customers with top tier, high precision machined components and assemblies for any project.  We strive to be a "ONE-STOP-SHOP" for our customers to assure full control over all key factors, including Quality, Cost and Lead Time Requirements.    



At CEI, we specialize in high speed 5-Axis machining. These machining centers allow us to machine your parts on five sides in a single operation. The advantages of machining a part on five sides include making complex 3D parts with close tolerances in a reduced number of operations; which in turn increases our quality and decreases overall run time for quicker turnaround.



CEI has both 3 & 4 Axis machining centers. All of our machining centers are set up with multiple vises to help machine your production parts accurately and efficiently. With 3 & 4 Axis machining centers, we can machine a part in one or two operations that might otherwise take six; reducing time and costs for the customer.

Okuma Lathe 1.JPG


CEI provides in-house CNC turning/lathe services as well.  Our turning centers are outfitted with live tooling allowing us to both turn and mill in a single operation!



At CEI, we are continually expanding our capabilities to bring our customers the best service possible and are pleased to announce that we now offer Wire EDM machining, which enables high precision production for close tolerance and detailed work.



Our 4 and 5 Axis capability, combined with experienced programmers utilizing HyperMill software, provide inventive solutions for the most difficult manufacturing challenges.

Hypermill helps us achieve efficient high speed machining in order to shorten machining time which in turn allows us to offer more competitive pricing than other machine shops.



At CEI, we have decades of experience in customer sub-assembly and top level assembly work.  In fact, many of the components that we machine for our customers are delivered as an assembled unit for assurance of proper fitment and customer ease. 



In a dynamically changing world, our customers are always looking for ways to improve their designs and part functionality with minimal upfront investment. 3D printed parts are perfect for proof of concept and product mock-ups because they can be done at a fraction of the cost and time of a standard short-run job at the machine. 

If 3D printed parts will not work for your application, we do offer CNC rapid prototyping services as well.



Associated services available as required.